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  • Automate Blog Posting  v.1.0Wordpress Poster Pro is a WordPress plugin that Automate Blog Posting. It will easily auto post to your blog, plus submit a link to the top 30 social bookmarking sites. Instead of having a single link to each social bookmarking website, you have a ...
  • Automate XL  v.2.8.0Automate XL is a powerful Excel add-in which contains features of many Excel add-ins. IT is fast, unique, efficient and reliable Excel utility. It can be used with all major versions of MS Excel. It reduces our effort and saves our time and money.
  • Automate Excel  v.2.8.0Automate Excel is a unique Excel utility to make MS Excel more powerful and valuable. It has all solutions for advanced tasks to complete them quickly. It gives fast and accurate result. All widely used OS and major versions of MS Excel supports this.
  • AutoMate  v.6.2.8AutoMate 6 is the leading software for automation of front and back-office IT tasks. Combining raw power with intelligent design, AutoMate enables IT professionals to build and deploy system automation projects in record time. AutoMate tasks are ...
  • Web site developers link automate software  v.1.0The 010SOFT LinkEx is FREE software that automate reciprocal link exchange. Its make classified catalog , send emails , check reciprocal link existance. It have good admin area to manage reciprocal link directory. It work as php script and may use ...
  • Automate with GOFLOW Lite  v.3.4Automate tasks on your PC - just by drawing diagrams. GOFLOW Lite is a low cost entry to the GOFLOW automation system. Automate boring computer tasks you do every day: Act when files arrive in a directory, Send alert emails when a website goes down ...
  • JAVA - PRC automate compilation (Linux)  v.0.5Bash script that uses various Linux tools regarding Java programming for PDAs and Palm devices to automate the process of creating a PRC file out of the JAVA ...
  • Duplicity Automate  v.1.0Script intended to automate duplicity backup tool. It allows to define backups & target servers in clean XML files instead of dealing with custom bash scripts.
  • Automate Link Exchange  v.2.1.0Automates reciprocal link exchange management, save time and get more traffic. Also, it helps to increase link popularity and search engine ranking. Features include auto link page generation/update, auto reciprocal link checking according to ...
  • You Can Automate File Management Suite  v.2.10CEnjoy relief from repeated, tedious file copying, renaming, deleting, zipping and opening in Windows Explorer: Reopen bookmarked folder(s). Reopen 2 bookmarked folders in dual, side by side windows. Dual "Panes" for Folder Compare. File ...
  • My Friend Builder. Software to automate  v.1.5-200software that automates the myspace experience. Add 1000's of people and increase you business ...
  • Automate User Authentication and BillingAgilecos billing application for the SME is a stand-alone, web-based billing application that completely automates user authentication, registration, invoicing, billing, subscription management, account management, reporting, and newsletters.
  • Febooti Automation Workshop - schedule / automate recurring tasks  v.5.5Automation Workshop features: * Automation Workshop can monitor specified folders for changes and automatically launch appropriate Task to handle the situation in predefined yet flexible way.
  • AD File Transmitter  v.1.5.1AD File Transmitter is an application, allows you to automate frequent file transfer operations between different offices or different computers and process data replication tasks. The files can be sent thru the local area network or sent by email.
  • ShortKeys  v. expansion utility. Type a few characters and ShortKeys replaces them with words, phrases, paragraphs or more. Automate tedious and repetitive typing. Reduce errors. See how much time you can save by using ShortKeys.
  • RoboTask  v.7.1RoboTask allows you to automate any combination of tasks on your computer, ranging from simply launching applications, to checking email, moving or backing up files to uploading/downloading, sending email and much more.
  • KeyText  v.3.20Keyboard macro program with multiple clipboard and Windows automation features. Stores texts for typing or pasting into any application, run programs, set alarms, completely automate password dialogs and more. Elimate those repetitive tasks!
  • XStarter  v.1.9.0xStarter will help you to automate each and every process in your computer. Automate operations on schedule, or on a keypress or via various events (windows event log changes, file/folder modifications, signals from an RS232 port, TCP/IP, etc.) ...
  • ShortKeys Lite  v.2.2Text Replacement utility. Type a few characters and ShortKeys Lite will replace them with up to 3000 keystrokes. Great for repetitive text needs. Automate tedious and repetitive typing. Reduce errors. Free lite version allows up to 15 shortkeys.
  • AI Robot  v.4.0AI Robot helps you automate mouse movement, mouse click and keyboard key presses. So you just need to tell AI Robot what to do step by step, then AI Robot will run all these steps automatically, and repetitively.
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Today's Top Ten Downloads for Automate
  • MacroRunner for Excel MacroRunner is a powerful Excel add-in that enables users
  • Macro Mania This award-winning program will save you time and money as
  • RoboTask RoboTask allows you to automate any combination of tasks
  • Advanced Task Scheduler Advanced Task Scheduler is a function rich task scheduler,
  • Asoftech Automation Asoftech Automation records all operation of mouse and
  • AD File Transmitter AD File Transmitter is an application, allows you to
  • Automize Easy to use Automation software and task scheduler with
  • AI Robot AI Robot helps you automate mouse movement, mouse click
  • Auto Mouse Click Automate Single or Double Left or Right Mouse Clicks
  • AutoIt AutoIt is a simple tool that can simulate key presses,
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